Pregnant Woman Fights Off Rapist In NYC [Surveillance Video]

A pregnant New York City woman fought off an attacker Sunday morning when she was out walking her small dog.

The attack in Manhattan’s Inwood section was caught on surveillance video (see embed above).

Apparently the suspect was sitting on a park bench when the 30-year-old woman walked by with her dog. He ran up behind her, put her in a bear hug, and allegedly tried to rip her clothes off, according to the New York Post. Fortunately she managed to break free, and the man fled the area. He is still at large, and police are on actively searching him. “Her cries, plus the sudden appearance of a passersby, apparently spooked the suspect who took off running, police said,” the New York Daily News reports. Police also believe that the suspect, a man believe to be in his late 20s, may be responsible for other assaults in the same area.

According to a neighbor, the problem stems from nightclubs that have opened in the Inwood area recently. “If it was at 7 in the morning, it’s got to be somebody who was up all night,” the man said. “He was probably drunk after partying.”

Another resident said that “it’s a pretty shocking thing to have something like that happen in the neighborhood. “Believe me, this is not the safest neighborhood in the city, but I’ve never seen something so brazen.” A man who lives in the area commented that “I’ve been here since 1970 and I have yet to see a crime of this type of magnitude happen, especially in broad daylight like that.”

Neighbors added that “With all the security cameras posted neighbors said they couldn’t believe someone would even try something in the area, but also added they’ll be keeping an eye out from now on.”

The victim declined to speak with the media about this shocking incident.

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