Putin Catches Huge Pike, But Critics Say It Looks Fishy

Vladamir Putin is known for outdoor feats like shirtless horseback riding and tiger hunting but Russians are having a hard time believing that their president bagged a huge pike over the weekend.

The Kremlin released footage of the Russian president fishing last week in a remote region of Siberia. Putin ended up catching an enormous pike that reportedly weighed 46 pounds.

A few of the president’s critics, however, believe that the photo was staged.

One person writes: “Wonder who planted that fish for Putin to catch.”

There doesn’t appear to be any evidence that the photo was staged but Putin doesn’t have the best track record. The Telegraph notes that Putin admitted in 2011 that he had staged a photo of himself discovering ancient artifacts at the bottom of the black sea.

At the time, Putin said that he staged the incident to educated people about history.

Putin said: “Of course it was a set up… Why did I dive? Not to show my gills off but to make sure people learn history.”

The Kremlin has admitted to staging photos in the past but they aren’t backing down this time.

Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said: “I personally saw the scales and was present in the weighing. It was seriously more than 20kg (44lb).”

Do you think Vladamir Putin actually caught a 40 lb pike?

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