Low-Cost iPhone 5C Packaging Spotted In China

A user at the Chinese discussion forum WeiPhone has posted what they claim is the plastic retail packaging for Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone 5C. The device is also known as the iPhone Lite.

The iPhone 5C, as it is rumored to be named (the C stands for Color), has been “spotted” in several rumored but unconfirmed photos over the last several weeks. This photo is the first to feature the retail packaging instead of the smartphone.

The iPhone 5S is expected to drop around the same time as the Apple iPhone 5C. Both the regular priced and low-cost iPhone are expected to start selling in October with mass production likely already underway.

The iPhone 5C uses the “color” moniker because the device is expected to drop with different hue options to choose from.

According to reports, the low-cost iPhone 5C is expected to combine the stylings of the iPhone 5, iPod touch, and the iPod classic.

While the smartphone is expected to be in the “entry level” classification, it will still likely cost more than other entry-level devices. Apple has always placed a premium on its devices when compared to other similar products on the market.

While the iPhone 5 Lite or iPhone 5C (your naming guess is as good as ours) may feature a lower screen resolution, slower processor, and other lower end features, it may appeal to casual users who wouldn’t mind a slower device with a new, more colorful design.

Apple has not confirmed the packaging photo shown above, and other details about the low-cost iPhone 5C are also still in the wind.

Will you be picking up a low-cost iPhone 5 when they are made available in October?