Johnny Manziel Gets Thrown Out Of UT Frat Party [Video]

Let’s all watch Johnny Manziel get thrown out of a University of Texas frat party he crashed Friday night. C’mon, you know you want to. When you got up this morning, you didn’t know that you wanted to watch the self-proclaimed Johnny Football get the boot from a drunken college bash.

But now you do.

That’s the Texas A&M quarterback in the beer-soaked pink polo shirt. Curry Shoff, who also posted the footage to YouTube, noted in his write-up for SB’s Burnt Orange Nation that Johnny Manziel was politely asked to leave.

Yeah, OK, if by politely you mean having somebody yell “Get the f*** out” while two other guys more or less grab you and give you the push toward the door. For some strange reason, the 20-year-old’s underaged drinking action wasn’t welcome.

When he said awhile back that he couldn’t wait to get out of College Station, I don’t think anyone realized that Austin was what he had in mind.

Apparently, things started out OK for Manziel. Maybe it just took the UT frat some time to realize that the enemy was in their midst flirting with their girls.

Shoff’s tweeted still picture isn’t as good as his video, but it still gives you a glimpse into the scene before Manziel got kicked out.

Some Twitter reaction to the Johnny Manziel party-crashing video

The party player recently reached a plea deal in a 2012 incident where he was caught with a fake Louisiana driver’s license. Apparently, Manziel didn’t think they’d be checking IDs at a frat party.

But it still doesn’t mean that the UT boys were willing to tolerate an Aggie on the scene. To add insult to injury, Shoff’s video is now going viral. The footage of Johnny Manziel getting thrown out of the party now has over 300,000 views.

[Johnny Manziel photo by Shutterbug 459 via Wikimedia]