William Shatner Heads To Fandom Fest, Will Hit Dragon Con And Shore Leave 35 This Year

Dan Evon

Comic Con may be the most well known geek fest in the country but there are plenty of other conventions throughout the year. William Shatner has recently been booked at several upcoming conventions including Dragon Con, Fandom Fest, and Shore Leave 35.

Shatner, who once shied away from the convention scene, is now embracing his Captain Kirk character.

Shatner said: "I realized that I was ignoring a large segment of the population. They were the people I should pay the most attention to. The vast numbers of people coming to these conventions... There are some wonderful fans out there, large numbers of them."

Shatner will appear at Fandom Fest this weekend before heading to Shore Leave 35 at the beginning of August and Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend. Shatner will also be appearing at Salt Lake City's Comic Con, Creation's Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas and a few Wizard World events before the year's over.

It's been a few decades since Shatner, now 82, suited up to play Captain Kirk. The actor said that when he first started the role he had no idea that people would still want to talk about the character in 2013.

Shatner said: "I had no idea. Nobody had any idea of what was going to transpire... "People who go to conventions are participating in the ritual. … Human beings are hard-wired to get a story, to try and eke out some understanding of our existence, of what our future will be, what the past is. That's what science fiction is all about."

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) July 26, 2013

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