John Travolta Itching To Play Bond Baddie, Loves Daniel Craig

John Travolta has one unfulfilled career goal: To play the villain in a James Bond film.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Travolta is hoping to play the bad guy in the next Bond flick, and has wanted a villainous role in the long-running franchise for quite some time.

“I’d love to play a bad guy in James Bond,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

Specifically, Travolta seems to want to go toe-to-toe with Daniel Craig’s gritty interpretation of the iconic British spy. But since Daniel Craig has only two guaranteed Bond films left in his contract, Travolta’s time is running out.

Still, even if he doesn’t get the chance to play opposite Craig’s Bond, Travolta counts the 45-year-old among his favorite Bonds.

“I have two favorite Bonds: Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. They both have ruggedness, class and suave.”

If he really thinks he has a chance as a Bond villain, Travolta does have some competition. Last month, comedic actor Steve Carell also expressed a desire to play a Bond baddie.

“My dream is to be a Bond villain. Everyone wants to be in a Bond film. There’s an interesting way that people depict Bond villains that they’re charismatic and almost likeable, almost redeemable and human,” Carell said.

“Not a caricature or a villain but a human being who does bad things. I think it’s most actors’ dream to play a Bond villain.”

We don’t know what Steve Carell of John Travolta’s chances are of nabbing the role, but it seems a bit doubtful that they’d be brought in for Craig’s fourth outing as James Bond.

Sam Mendes was recently announced as the next James Bond film’s director, meaning that he has to somehow out-do Javier Bardem’s terrifying Skyfall villain for the next installment. Travolta and Carell are talented guys no doubt, but more villainous than Javier Bardem?

What do you think? Could John Travolta play a James Bond villain?

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