Airman Dunk Impresses USA Basketball Team [Video]

The crowd may have turned out to see Kyrie Irvin, Paul George and Anthony Davis play during the USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas but U.S. Air Force Airman Nathaniel Mills dunk was the most talked about moment of the event.

Mills, who was dressed in full uniform at the game, decided to show the players that they aren’t the only ones with impressive ups. The airman took the ball and performed a one arm windmill dunk.

The airman’s dunk may have not won an NBA dunk contest but it was still pretty impressive. Mills doesn’t get paid to work on his dunk and her performed the feat wearing combat boots.

Mills told USA Today: “You should see me without my fatigues and boots.”

Nathaniel Mills dunk even made it to the highlights on ESPN.

What did you think of the airmen’s dunk?