Niall Horan Has ‘S**t Sickness’ That’s Causing Insomnia

One Direction singer Niall Horan has had a long week. First the singer became an uncle, and then he developed a “sh*t sickness” that has led to a bout of insomnia.

The 19-year-old and his fellow bandmates just celebrated their three year anniversary along with some heavy promotion for the new hit track Best Song Ever.

Recently, Niall apologized to fans after he was forced to battle through a concert in Denver with a sore throat. Following that show, Horan continued to suffer through his sickness thanks to long days on the road.

So what does a 19-year-old singer in a top selling band do when sick? According to Niall, he has spent hours going on cleaning sprees in the middle of the night.

In a recent tweet, Niall writes:

“Woke up at 6am! Can’t get back t sleep! It’s s**t being sick isn’t it?”

Later in the day, the 1D singer added:

“Gave up on that whole sleeping thing wasnt happening! Resorted to sortin my life out! #lifeinasuitcase.”

While he might be feeling a bit under the weather, Niall and his fellow One Direction singers are having a great week. The boys released the music video for Best Song Ever and in just 24 hours it was viewed 12.3 million times. One Direction now owns the record for the most music video views in the first day of release.

Yesterday I reported on Niall’s attempts to push his Best Song Ever track to the top of the UK charts. Niall has been encouraging UK fans to visit the songs download page. Best Song Ever is currently stuck at number 2 on the UK singles charts.

With relentless promotion for the band’s new single and a touring schedule that already lends itself to sickness, I have a feeling Niall may be facing his sickness for a while longer.