Ashley Benson Pokes Fun At Amanda Bynes On Instagram

Ashley Benson recently had a bit of fun at Amanda Bynes' expense on Instagram.

Although the former What I Like About You star is currently undergoing mental evaluation in California, this isn't stopping the actress from mocking her online. Benson posted a picture on Instagram which pokes fun at Bynes' penchant for one-eyed duck face photos.

"Doing my Amanda Bynes look this afternoon," she wrote.

Ashley Benson seems to have picked the wrong time to make fun of the troubled starlet. Since it's obvious that something is seriously wrong with Amanda Bynes, a few of Benson's followers took issue with her recent post.

"This is not okay. Amanda Bynes is obviously dealing with some heavy s*** and you're basically endorsing bullying. Get a grip and grow the f*** up," one fan wrote.

"Too bad you will never be as beautiful, talented, naturally funny as Amanda used to be. Let alone have the successful career she once had before this horrible thing happened to her you insensitive f***. Can't wait for Amanda to get better and healthy again," another boldly stated.

Some of the responses to Ashley Benson and her Instagram photo are a little too nasty and mean-spirited to reprint here. The backlash prompted a number of followers to come to the Pretty Little Liars star's defense.

"It's funny how some you of get mad at Ashley for mocking Amanda Bynes and then you tell her to kill herself. Oh wow. She made one wrong move. But you guys made an even bigger mistake by telling her to kill herself," one fan explained.

"Yes, this is kind of bullying, but I don't think it was intentional. You guys are bullying her too! By hating on her for making one wrong move! Amanda Bynes made even bigger mistakes! God. Leave them both alone," another wrote.

Amanda Bynes was placed on a 5150 hold in California after staring a random fire in a residential neighborhood. It's currently being reported that the actress could remain in custody for around two weeks.

Here's the controversial photo that got everything started.

Amanda Bynes 5150 Hold

What do you think about Ashley Benson making fun of Amanda Bynes on Instagram?

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