Steven Spielberg wants to make Halo movie, base it on Halo novels

A movie based on the Halo game franchise? Rubbish idea. I’ve been over this.

An even worse idea? Basing the movie on the Halo novels. The only place in the world you’ll find writing more atrocious than that in the Halo games is in the Halo novels.

The Halo movie has been in the pipeline for years. However, funding from Fox and Universal collapsed in 2007, and would-be director Neill Blomkamp later declared a Halo film unworkable, because of Master Chief’s faceless nature. Cue the sound of a million 37-year-old virgins crying into their Cortana body pillows.

Despite this, the Steven Spielberg-owned DreamWorks is now interested in making a Halo film based on said books, according to sources close to Vulture. I can only imagine a major rewrite would be required to stop this becoming a complete turkey.

Incidentally, I love how everybody lost interest in this project, but now every human being on earth owns a copy of Halo: Reach, DreamWorks suddenly reallywants to get involved. Strange that.

[Vulture, via MTV Multiplayer]