Jay-Z Thinks Americans Overreact To Everything

Jay Z has reacted to the criticism surrounding his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, and the multi million dollar deal he signed with Samsung, proclaiming that “Americans overreact to everything.”

Jay Z took part in an interview with Life and Times, which is his own website, where he discussed his new record, his feelings on the current state of the music industry, his connection to New York, and the art of collaboration.

The rapper discussed his deal with Samsung whilst talking backstage at the New York Yankees stadium, stating, “In America we have an overreaction to everything. I’m not concerned with noise because I’m playing the long game. I see 10 years down the road and then we’ll really be able to judge the album for what it is.”

Meanwhile, Jay-Z also stated that he believes Justin Timberlake provided his best ever vocal performance on the track, “Holy Grail.” “Just by the nature of the song,” he remarked, “it dictated that he stepped out of his comfort zone. He has done a million great vocal performances but, in my opinion, that is his greatest vocal performance.”

Recently, Jay-Z confirmed that his new song, “Young Forever,” which Justin Timerblake featured on, has been dedicated to Trayvon Martin.

Jay-Z and his wife, Beyonce, attended the Trayvon Martin rally in New York, with Al Sharpton confirming, “Jay Z and Beyoncé said they didn’t want to speak and they didn’t come for a photo op. Jay Z told me, ‘I’m a father. Beyonce is a mother.’ We all feel the pain and apprehension — the laws must protect everybody, or it doesn’t protect anybody.”

Previously, Jay-Z wrote about his feelings toward Trayvon Martin, stating, “We are still struggling with the issue of inequality and the lack of value for a black man’s life. Trayvon Martin’s most basic civil right, the right to live, was violated. We have made so much progress and cannot allow hatred and racism to divide us.”

Do you think Jay-Z is right, do Americans overreact?

[Image via Featureflash/Shutterstock]