Does the Facebook “I like it” meme promote awareness of breast cancer?

We posted yesterday about the flurry of innuendo-laden “I like it” related Facebook statuses currently taking over the popular network.

“I like it on the floor.” “I like it on the couch.” “I like it on the deck.” “I like it on the and irons.” The accompanying message states a goal to draw media attention by piquing interest and not disclosing the ‘secret’ to men, and a dubious connection to breast cancer awareness is being attached to the meme. However, thirty seconds of consideration causes one to wonder how a) posting a suggestive message does anything to further the cause of a disease we’re all ‘aware’ exists anyway and b) how being coy and not revealing the very ‘awareness’ you wish to promote can in any way make more people ‘aware.’

The amount of backlash that has followed this resurgence of the meme is interesting, (one commenter on our post yesterday said: “this has nothing to do with women’s empowerment. it’s just embarrassing,”) but it hasn’t reduced the number of these status updates I’ve seen in my feed. Do you find this form of slacktivism harmless, annoying, or detrimental for lulling people into thinking they’ve done something constructive?