Karl Malone Buys A Mule For His 50th Birthday, Jokes Ensue

Karl Malone bought a mule for his 50th birthday. No joke, and he’s not trying to make an ass of himself (pun intended).

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, retired Utah Jazz great Karl Malone snubbed Michael Jordan when creating an all-time starting five list.

Maybe ranting is his thing nowadays, but Karl Malone dissed the Louisiana Tech Bowl decision, where the school turned down an invitation to play in the Independence Bowl against ULM while hoping for a bigger game.

Karl Malone was part of the Utah Jazz basketball team for years. Yahoo Sports points out how Karl Malone was once asked whether he would join the coaching staff at Utah Jazz and Karl Malone famously responded with a mule joke, saying, “Oh no, no. We done been there. You can’t beat the fart out of a dead mule.”

The purchase was not intended as a soapbox. Karl Malone bought a mule for his 50th birthday to keep up with the kids according to his wife:

“Instead of being the athlete and walking everywhere, he got himself a mule. I think he’s listening to his body more. He’s preserving himself more. He wants to be able to do things with the grandkids.”

It turns out mules and Karl Malone’s family go way back. A young Karl Malone was given a leather mule harness by his mule-riding, log-hauling grandfather. As a boy, Karl Malone would spend days riding mules and hauling logs. Karl Malone’s grandfather taught Malone one primary lesson: give ’em your best every time and you’ll be rewarded.

What do you think about Karl Malone buying a mule for his 50th birthday?