Beyoncé Rewrites Halo Lyrics, Pokes Fun At Her Hair Getting Caught In A Fan

Beyonce has decided to rewrite the lyrics to her hit song, “Halo,” with her effort now featuring a reference to the singer getting her hair stuck in a fan on Monday evening.

Jay-Z’s beau was belting out her hit single at Montreal’s Bell Centre, as part of her Mrs Carter world tour, when her hair suddenly got stuck in the spinning blades of the fan. Ever the professional, Beyonce remained calm and continued to sing all whilst security guards attempted to free her.

After the incident, Beyonce decided to poke fun of her ordeal, be posting a picture of new, handwritten, lyics to “Halo” that featured a reference to her fan hair entanglement.

“Halo”‘s new lyrics are, “Gravity can’t begin to pull me out of the fan again, I felt my hair was yankin, from the fan that’s always hatin,” which have replaced “It’s like I’ve been awakened, Every rule I’ve had you breakin.” The memo then ended with Beyonce conceding, “I got snatched!”

An insider has told US Weekly the real reason why the 32-year-old singer was so close to the fan in the first place. The source remarked, “Bey’s hair got caught in the fan because she went downstage to an area she normally doesn’t go for a fan.”

They then added, “There was a girl in the front who was holding up a sign with a bucket list on it of all the things she wanted to do with her life. It was things like ‘graduate from college’ and all the boxes were checked except for the last one, which was ‘Sing With Beyonce.'”

So Beyonce, naturally, obliged and charged down to the front of the pit where she sang “Halo” to the girl, which fulfilled her final wish.”

Were you worried that Beyonce might be seriously injured after she collided with the fan?