Wow $350G per day for Minecraft game creator

You know that little game that has taken the tech blogosphere by storm with just about every tech blog writing up one story or another about it?

Well it seems that the game, for PC and Mac, Minecraft is making the creator a very wealthy man who can afford to turn down job offers from the likes of Valve and Bungie. For Swedish programmer Markus Persson it apparently feels a little unreal as one copy of the €9.95 game is being downloaded every three seconds.

Incredibly this translates into around $350,000 per day for Persson. Yes you read that right - $350Gs for a simple game without any type of DRM or constant worrying about those evil pirates out there stealing food from his table.

Congrats to Markus and if you are interested in checking out the game, and contributing to his good fortune you can find the game over at the Minecraft site.