Kirstie Alley Called A ‘Big Fat Bully’ By Leah Remini’s Family

Actress Kirstie Alley’s remarks about Leah Remini after the latter left Scientology did not fall on deaf ears. Many of Remini’s relatives are blasting Alley as a “big fat bully” and calling on the 62-year-old actress to leave them alone.

Remini left the controversial religion earlier this month after years of questioning church practices and leader David Miscavige lead to several “interrogations” and “thought modifications.” Skeptical of Scientology and sensing corruption, the 43-year-old actress announced that she would be leaving the church behind.

Alley, a longtime Scientologist, was reportedly “livid” with the actress, and may have even been a part of internal meetings to handle the public fallout stemming from Remini’s departure.

But it might have gone further than that. According to Remini’s former stepmother, the Cheers actress has been bullying Leah.

“Kirstie Alley is just a big fat bully!” Donna Remini-Fiore said. “She’s an idiot to think she could control Leah. Leah has always been her own person, and Kirstie should have known better.”

She says that Alley’s behavior is especially hurtful because of how supportive Remini has been to her over the years.

“Besides that, Leah is a wonderful person and loyal friend who’s supported everything Kirstie does without hesitation.”

The National Enquirer reports that many of Remini’s family followed her out, as well. Her mother as well as her sister Nicole also left.

Nicole even left a message for Alley on her Facebook page. “Shame on you,” she wrote after Alley’s critical comments.

Her same page hosts a number of such criticisms aimed at her comments on Remini and Scientology as a whole.

Do you think that Kirstie Alley was too harsh with Lieah Remini over the latter’s decision to leave Scientology, or is the Remini family overreacting? Sound off!

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