Danny McBride Is Set For New Cameron Crowe Film

Danny McBride has been slowly making the all too familiar transition from comedic actor to one that can flex his strengths in drama as well. For his next role Danny McBride will look to Cameron Crowe, a director who’s known for mixing those two genres in film. According to Bradley Cooper, Danny McBride is set to star alongside him for Crowe’s latest project.

Although not much is known about the details of the project, we do know that the cast is top-notch. Cooper is set to star with Danny McBride, Rachel McAdams, and Emma Stone. As far as plot there’s not a lot out there other than vague details, but some have observed that this may be a reincarnation to Crowe’s other aborted project Deep Tiki.

Deep Tiki was originally slated to star comedian Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon, but it’s not known whether or not the details of that film will carry over into this project.

Bradley Cooper is said to play a military contractor who is on a top-secret mission in Hawaii, and teams up with an Air Force pilot, played by Emma Stone. Somehow the two ruin the plan of the operation. For now we don’t know who McBride will play, but it’s easy to see that this might be right up Danny McBride’s ally.

Cooper told The Huffington Post about the film:

“Yeah, we start shooting in September. I can’t really say anything about the script, but I’m excited.”

Director Cameron Crowe and Danny McBride is a dream team that we’ve been waiting for. We’re pretty excited too.

Before McBride teams up with Cooper and Stone, we’ll have a chance to see him in James Franco’s As I Lay Dying, and Clear History. The latter is a television movie by HBO films, and looks like a pretty promising comedy.