97-Year-Old Hal Lasko Creates Beautiful Artwork Using MS Paint

I still remember sitting in front of MS Paint for hours as a child. The program was one of the “greatest” inventions of my young life.

While the 8-bit art form of MS Paint has been long replaced by Adopt Photoshop, GIMP, and other more prominent applications, that hasn’t stopped Hal Lasko from creating art with the program.

Call it pointillism or 8-bit art, whatever you name the artwork, it took Lasko ten hours a day to create each “print.”

What might be most impressive is that Lasko is 97-years-old and yet spends 10 hours a day working on each art piece.

The MS Paint artwork is available for sale online at $98.00 per print.

Some of the art is already sold out, but there are some really inventive pieces to choose from.

I can still barely make a proper circle in MS Paint; they always come out like ovals.

Do you think Hal Lasko’s work is worthy of a $98 print?