Best Buy Geek Squad Charging $30 For Free PS3 Firmware Update

I despise Best Buy’s business tactics, they take very simple to perform tasks, even things that are free and easy, such as the most recent PS3 Firmware update and they market the upgrade in a way that can make novices believe it’s a big deal.

That’s exactly what a Staten Island, NY store has done with the PS3, offering the 120GB PS32 Slim units for $329.98, $30 higher than the MSRP, but with a firmware update, which also happens to be free.

To put that $30 charge into perspective, the firmware update takes exactly three button presses to complete. Actually it’s even easier than that, try to play online or go to the PlayStation Store and the system does all your dirty work for you.

If there’s one way to take away the credibility of a tech firm, it’s to allow for practices to occur in which users are taken advantage of, it only takes a few hundred customers who realized they were ripped off to tarnish the image of the tech teams at Best Buy stores. Leave customers with enough distrust and they start thinking every bit of money they charge you is a scam.

Good going Geek Squad.

[Image Credit: Engadget]