Stacy Keibler Set For WWE Return

Stacy Keibler looks set to return to WWE, with both of the company’s flagship shows, Raw and Smackdown, interested in acquiring her services.

Keibler is apparently looking to get over her split with the actor George Clooney, which occurred last month. The Sun has even reported that she is set to be teamed up with Daniel Bryan, as the fighter possesses a beard just like Clooney did in Syriana.

An insider told the paper, “Stacy is considering lots of offers from WWE to capitalise on her name. She was one of WWE’s most-loved divas and this is the perfect time to get her back, as she has never been more famous than since she dated George.”

WWE officials believed that her appearances on the show will attract hundreds of thousands of viewers to the show.

Keibler also partook in a radio interview today with Sam Roberts of Sirius/XM satellite radio. During their talk she confirmed that her and Clooney had indeed split up and she also talked about her time in the ring too.

When she was quizzed as to who her most dreaded opponent was in wrestling, she stated, “I would say in the beginning of my career when I was the new girl, Lita was pretty tough.”

However, despite their battles, the pair remained good friends, with Keibler confirming, “Yeah, I got a lot of bruises, but we became good friends.”

She also confirmed that since debuting in the WWE she was offered the chance to pose for Playboy on numerous occasions. However the Divas was never interested, stating, “I was offered a few times. It was just something that I wasn’t interested in doing… It’s a hard thing to say no to.”

Keibler confirmed that she didn’t know whether her former beau was interested in her former profession.

Do you want to see Stacy Keibler return to the wrestling ring?