Bruce Willis Gives An Excruciatingly Awkward Interview Promoting Red 2 [Video]

Bruce Willis gave an excruciatingly awkward interview whilst promoting Red 2 in England, which saw him tell a journalist that his questions were poor and that he wanted to drive away from him.

Willis was being questioned by Jamie Edwards, who works for Magic radio station, and after not even saying “hello” to Mr Edwards when he introduced himself, Bruce immediately sounded hostile by stating, “Has any actor ever told you this Jamie? This part is not acting. The fun part is over. We’re just selling the film now. Sales.”

When Jamie decided to take this opportunity to ask Bruce how he would sell him the movie, Willis simply stated, “I wouldn’t. I’d slash my hooves.”

Jamie then looked to reference a line in Red 2, asking Mr Willis how he keeps a woman happy, to which the Die Hard superstar responded, “You just have to be nice to people if you want to keep them happy. You have to be a nice guy.”

Bruce also took the opportunity to lambast Jamie for his brand of questioning, telling him at one point, “I’m thinking about driving right now. I can hardly keep my mind on this interview. I’m thinking about driving up the M1. You have some great questions here Jamie. Great chat.” You can watch a video of the excruciating exchange above.

This isn’t the first time that Bruce Willis has courted controversy across the pond because of his interview technique. Earlier this year, whilst in England promoting A Good Day To Die Hard, Willis was roundly abused for appearing disinterested and bored on BBC’s The One Show.

However, Willis later apologised for his actions, telling XFM, “I have to apologise. I didn’t get very many compliments about it. They said it was a little stale. But I was so jetlagged. I’m very sorry, you kids on The One Show. I’m sure it’s not their problem. I was a little bit boring, I think. I had a little sinking spell, that’s all.”