80’s Teen Punk Rock Film We Are The Best Drops Trailer [Video]

Ever want to see a teen punk rock film that takes place in the 80s? Well look no further than Lukas Moodysson’s We Are The Best!

We Are The Best! stars a cast of unknowns including Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin and Liv LeMoyne, who play 12 to 13-year-old girls who roam the streets of Stockholm in the 1980s. The girls in the film are described as “brave and tough and strong and weak and confused and crazy.” In the supporting roles are David Dencik, Johan Liljemark, and Anna Rydgren.

We Are The Best! aims to tell an optimistic story about teen youth in a punk revolution. The film introduces all the fashion choices we probably want to forget, including a sloppy mohawk, oversized shirts, neon spandex, and spike choke collars.

The director has said that his goal for We Are The Best! is to base the film on the graphic novel Never Goodnight, which was written by his wife Coco Moodysson. In his words he wanted to “make a happy film full of hope and vitality” for We Are The Best! This is of course a great departure from earlier films such as Mammoth (2009), Lilya 4-Ever (2002), both which focused on depression and inequality in classes.

Although the trailer is in Swedish without English subtitles, the energy of the film is easy to feel. One thing you can bet for certain is that Moodysson paints teen life around the carefree and fun feeling of punk music, which isn’t usually always equated to that genre in film.

We Are The Best! Also known as VI ÄR BÄST!” is set to hit theaters in Sweden in August. The film is produced by Memfis Film.

Are you excited to see something new with We Are The Best! We’ll keep you posted on other theatrical release dates for the film.

Check out the trailer below: