Shirley Jones, AKA Mrs. Partridge, Talks Sex Life In Surprising Biography

Mrs. Partridge had a pretty active sex life. Shirley Jones, the actress who played wholesome characters like the matriarch on The Partdrige Family or librarian Marion Paroo in The Music Man, opens up about her raunchy sex life in her new autobiography.

The new book, simply called Shirley Jones, spends a little time on what it was like to work with actors like Jimmy Stewart and Marlon Brando. Jones also talks about her most famous musicals and what it was like working with Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. But then the book takes a drastic turn as Jones dives into a subject that Mrs. Partdrige would never talk about.

Jones writes in the forward: “So bring out the smelling salts, hang on to your hats, and get ready for the surprise of your lives!”

Here are some of the juiciest bits from Shirley Jones autobiography.

  • She talks about her first husband and “sexual Svengali” Jack Cassidy, who, according to Jones, was extremely well-endowed.
  • Jones also talks about the time she had a threesome with another woman. It was a one time experiment, says Jones, and she didn’t enjoy it.
  • Jones says that she was “over-sexed” which made it easy to have an orgasm.

Let’s let those facts seep in for a moment before we continue…

OK, ready to talk more about Shirley Jones sex life?

The Oscar winning actress, who will turn 80 next year, said that she wrote the book because she’s way past the point of caring about her image. Jones said that she’s grown up, as have her fans, and they should be able to handle the honest autobiography.

Jones writes: “I never would have written this book if I weren’t the age I am now.”

Jones may be pushing 80-years-old but she still says that she has an active sex life. She has been married to Marty Ingels for the last 35 years and Jones says that her husband still finds her attractive.

Jones said: “Luckily, Marty thinks I’ve still got a beautiful body, even though it is old, and every now and again I take all of my clothes off in front of him and shake my tits at him, and he loves it,”

Alright, that’s about enough for me. Here’s a video of Shirley Jones from The Music Man.