Kirstie Alley Commends Kanye West For Attacking Photographer

Kirstie Alley believes Kanye West did the world a favor when he attacked a photographer outside of at the Los Angeles International Airport last week.

Shortly after news broke that West had attacked a paparazzo named Dano, Alley began singing the rapper’s praises on Twitter.

“I love that Kanye went all whack on that a**hat Paparazzi Too bad he didn’t whip his a** with his hat! Go Kanye! I applaud anyone who takes a swing at ’em.” she wrote.

West is considered a felony suspect in his attack on the photographer. In addition to possibly facing assault charges, police may decide to go after the Black Skinhead rapper for attempted robbery.

The incident began when Dano started harassing the rapper as he was leaving the airport. Video of the incident shows West becoming increasingly agitated at the comments this photographer was making. It didn’t take very long for the situation to turn extremely ugly.

LAX Police Sergeant Steve Savala said officers were interviewing witness about the scuffle in order to present a report to detectives.

When she isn’t praising Kanye West for expressing his feelings through violence, Kirstie Alley is reportedly getting into confrontations with some of her fellow Scientologists.

Shortly after Leah Remini decided to bid farewell to the controversial religion, her sister claimed that Alley wrote a handful of negative reports about the former King of Queens star. One report in question was centered around Remini’s behavior at Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s wedding in 2006.

“[Jennifer Lopez] wanted to sit with Leah, and so Leah went to make it happen. [A Hollywood agent] took exception to Leah’s request and complained to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise that Leah was causing a scene,” Nicole Remini explained.

Leah’s departure reportedly rubbed Alley the wrong way, allegations that the actress has since denied. You can find her Twitter response to the reports below.

What do you think about Kirstie Alley praising Kanye West for attacking a photographer?

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