2010 Calgary Flames Preview

It is the Sutter show up in Calgary, but with a lot of managerial neglect the once promising Calgary Flames have gone a little cold, especially on offense. There is a big problem here, Darryl Suter, the General Manger, took this team to a Stanley Cup Finals in his first year at the helm in 2004. Since then this team has not won a playoff round, and it looks like Darryl received a pass for life from the ownership. Darryl is doing little or nothing to improve this club, and in a Canadian market that is unacceptable.

Brett Sutter is the coach, and he can do nothing to escape his legacy as a tough defense minded coach. However in Calgary he really has no other choice. This team simply does not have enough offensive firepower. What we do know is the Calgary defense will be stifling, well organized, and difficult to play against. Beyond that Brent will have to suffer through a second season with little offensive help. Last year he compiled a 40-32-10 record.

I guess the biggest complaint here is Darryl traded Dion Phaneuf, the only legitimate player on the roster up to the task of being developed into a replacement for Flames stalwart Jerome Iginla, for a bunch of players the 29th place Toronto Maple Leafs deemed expendable. That leaves RW David Moss as this team’s breakout candidate. Moss scored 20 goals two years ago, but that production fell to 8 goals last year. However, he has good size and skill and should get more playing time this year.

Key Additions- RW Tim Jackson, C Olli Jokinen, LW Alex Tanguay, LW Ryan Stone, LW Raltis Ivanans, G Henrik Karlsson, and LW Logan Macmillan

Key Subtractions- C Chris Higgens, LW Eric Nystrom, LW Jason Jaffray, D Brett Palin, RW David Van Der Gulik

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