Helena Bonham Carter And Dominic West Much Prefered By Critics In Burton And Taylor

Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West’s portrayals of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are much preferred by critics over other recent portrayals which will go unmentioned.

Just kidding. The U.S. Lifetime movie Liz & Dick was shredded by critics when it debuted in 2012. Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler starred as the iconic couple, and it really just didn’t go over very well with anyone.

Enter Bonham Carter and West, who star in a British TV drama titled Burton and Taylor, which has become a critical darling. After its premiere on Monday night the TV film impressed U.K. critics, one of which even branded the drama “perfect.”

The Times’ critic Alex Hardy wrote of Bonham Carter: (She) conducted the world around her in a sing-song voice that moved octaves within one phrase, the fragile sliding into the manipulative.”

The Daily Telegraph’s Chris Harvey wrote that Bonham Carter “went for broke” with her role as Taylor and “got away with it.” He did note, however, that West “seemed to be having some trouble” with Burton’s accent.

Sam Wollaston of The Guardian also spared no praise for Bonham Carter, writing that she as “excellent” opposite West.

“There’s a crackle between them… They become two people who clearly are and always will be in love, but can never be together for reasons of health and safety. It is another very good double act.”

The Independent’s Geoffrey Macnab wrote that the drama is “affecting and well observed.”

Check out a trailer for Burton and Taylor below and let us know what you think!