Sandra Bullock Says Filming ‘Gravity’ Was Incredibly Scary [Video]

Sandra Bullock was terrified while filming her new movie Gravity.

Why? Was it because George Clooney is a really scary person? Nope, the actress filmed her scenes locked inside of a 9-by-9 foot cube and apparently that wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Bullock gets sent to outerspace in the new movie and director Alfonso Cuaron had to figure out a way to simulate gravity. Bullock was strapped in a harness that basically controlled her movements.

Bullock said: “There was no improvising. The physical part was so scary. What was even scarier than that was the technology was being created on the spot,”

The actress said that there was a mechanical camera in the cube that was controlled with a remote by director Cuaron. Yahoo News claims that the camera moved in 25 mph bursts which made the situation just a little more terrifying for Bullock.

Bullock said: (Cuaron) was like the evil puppeteer. If that robot did decide to continue through my face, I couldn’t have gotten out of the way.”

The new movie centers on an accident that sends Bullock hurling out into space. Director Cuaron said that he wanted the movie to look like a documentary and was very concerned about the realism of the film.

Cuaron said: The goal was for the film to feel like one of those IMAX documentaries, like a Discovery Channel documentary that went absolutely wrong…. We went through pains to honor reality as much as we could. In terms of the sign of what you see and pretty much what it is up there.”

Here’s a look at Sandra Bullock’s new movie Gravity.