Rose McGowan Engaged To Davey Detail, Fish Faces Tweeted To Fans

Rose McGowan is engaged. The 39-year-old Charmed actress confirmed on Instagram and Twitter Monday that she will marry artist Davey Detail.

As congratulations poured in from her fans, she also tweeted a funny fish face photo which you can check out down below. “Kisses for you,” was her comment on Instagram.

She expanded a little bit on the theme on Twitter, saying, “Thanks for all your good wishes! Fish faces for you all!”

Aw, that’s sweet. McGowan and Detail have been dating for about a year.

According to OMG! the rumors had been flying about Rose McGowan’s engagement since last week, when she was spotted around Los Angeles with a large diamond on her finger.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a firm date set just yet, at least not one that she’s sharing with the public.

The Once Upon A Time star has been engaged twice before — once to singer Marilyn Manson and once to Grindhouse director Robert Rodriguez. Neither engagement resulted in marriage.

I won’t resist the obvious pun. Maybe the third time will be the charm for the former Charmed actress, right?

The cute couple seems to make a popular pair. Instagram commenter melissalidia expressed a typical thought: “Congratulations to a gorgeous couple! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!”

Twitter had much the same thing to say:

Seems like everyone agrees that it’s time for Rose McGowan to settle down. Here are a couple of her picture tweets:

So congratulations to Davey Detail and Rose McGowan on their engagement.

[top photos by Rose McGowan via Instagram]

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