Courtney Love Blogs Furiously

What was Courtney Love doing this weekend, you ask? I just happen to have the answer for you, and it’s kind of like what we do at The Inquisitr except, erm, she’s almost entirely incoherent: blogging 60+ posts in under a few hours. And guess what? Love’s actually got a reason to do so, or at least she thinks she does.

Courtney is blaming her housekeeper Miriam Torres of ripping off a bunch of her designer clothes, which she has detailed for us complete with links from on her MySpace blog.

They go something like this:

(lucinda williams playing) i snt this top back, maybe im getting plump, everyones saying how proud they are of me for putting on weight, but i hate it, i know that size 4 isnt fat, i know thata t size 10 i was a sexbeast, but this top didnt hang off me at all, it was pedestrian on me, i guess the corpulence of my bastard dna is unriddable

I started reading, and I ended up with a headache, but if anyone can handle this, I’m sure it’s worth a giggle. You can almost feel her dip in and out of sanity as she typed. Ouch.