Royal Baby ‘Cancer’ Sun Sign May Mean He’s Not A Party Prince, Say Astrologers

The royal baby is a Cancer. The new Prince of Cambridge’s astrological sign was the subject of much debate as Kate Middleton’s due date dragged on, causing some observers to guess that the royal baby’s astrology sign would be Leo.

But, as all the world now knows, the prince was born at 4:24 pm local time on July 22 in London.

Multiple sources have confirmed that he missed being a Leo by just half an hour. So it’s official that the royal baby’s sun sign is indeed Cancer — just like Princess Diana and Prince William before him.


Astrology was developed in the first place to predict the course of nations and kings. If the royal family is having a private astrological consultation, then they haven’t spoken out about it in the media. But the time and place of the royal baby’s birth are a matter of public record.

And anyone can run the numbers. Some astrologers haven’t been shy to come forward with their analysis of the royal baby’s Cancer astrology sign.

Let’s look at a few predictions, shall we?

What The Royal Baby’s Cancer Astrology Sign Really Means

    • The Association of Professional Astrologers International astrologer Deike Begg told International Business Times: “[T]he baby will share a lot of the parents’ personality traits. As a Cancer, the child will be very family-oriented like its parents and sensitive. Cancerians often appear strong on the outside but are very soft on the inside.”
    • Heavy blogger Paul Ferrell put up the astrological wheel that came out of his computer generated program. The royal baby’s Cancer sun sign means “[The baby will] tend to be quite generous, giving, loving and caring, but only when [his] own needs for emotional support, love and security have been met. If they are not met, [he will] tend to withdraw…and become very insecure and selfish…[H]ome and family…represent security…and thus assume a larger-than-life importance.”
    • Astrologer Patrick Arundell was quoted in a very widely passed-around report in The Telegraph that put a lot of emphasis on the fact that the royal baby would be born on the cusp of the sun sign moving from Cancer into Leo. He said: “If the baby’s born today [July 22] it will have a slightly more conventional and conservative personality…Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Cancer and that will give the baby a tremendous amount of go-get energy and that is already in motion. Venus and the Sun are also in a magnetic connection which will give the baby a star quality and a sparkling charisma.”

Cancer’s warm, sensitive, and intuitive nature can lay the groundwork for true charisma, as everyone thinks the sensitive soul is in tune with their needs. Princess Diana herself might be a fine example of that.

However, the Cancer sun sign’s inherent conservative streak does fuel predictions that he’ll be less of a party prince that gets crazy in Vegas and more of a caring soul who seeks comfort and security.

But of course not everyone puts much stock in the royal baby’s Cancer sun sign or the royal baby astrological predictions as a whole.

The cynics mingled with believers on Twitter.

Do you think astrology is just old-fashioned pseudo-science, or do you feel you can get real insight from the fact that the royal baby is a Cancer?

[photo by Pete Saloutos via Shutterstock]