Von Miller Appealing 4-Game Suspension For Amphetamines

Von Miller is appealing his four game NFL suspension. The Denver Bronco Pro Bowl linebacker is facing his hiatus over a violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

Miller is already appealing the league’s ruling, but no date for the official appeal has been named.

According to NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah, the union is working closely with Miller on his appeal. Under a strict confidentiality rule, the league is not allowed to comment on the appeal or its outcome.

Von Miller tested positive for amphetamines and steroids in 2011, his rookie season

An anonymous Broncos player tells ESPN:

He’s a different guy, but I never thought he would risk his career. Gotta help him bounce back now. Can’t turn my back on him. Disappointed yet concerned about the man. Still love him, though.”

If Von Miller fails to win his appeal, the Broncos could go after 1/16th of his signing bonus or the equivalent of $860,812.

The Denver Broncos have been dealing with a significant amount of negative issues recently. Last week the team suspended director of player personnel Matt Russell indefinitely without pay after he was arrested for a DUI. The team also suspended director of pro personnel Tom Heckert for one month for his DUI.

Miller will be able to workout with the Denver Broncos through the teams final pre-season game on August 29. If Miller’s appeal is not overturned, the Broncos will lose him for their Week 1 performance against the defending champion Ravens.

If the suspension is upheld, Von Miller will return to regular season NFL play on Sept. 30.

Do you think Von Miller will ultimately miss the first four games of his NFL season, or will the ruling be overturned?