Russell Brand Would Take A ‘Taxidermied’ Noel Gallagher To A Desert Island With Him

Russell Brand has revealed that if he was to ever become stranded on a desert island, all that he would need to idly pass the hours away would be a ‘taxidermied’ Noel Gallagher.

The English comedian was appearing on the BBC Radio 4 show, Desert Island Discs, when he made the revelation.

The radio programme, which was first broadcast on January 29, 1942 and has been on air for over 70 years, each week asks a distinguished guest to pick eight pieces of music, a book, and a luxury item to take with them onto a deserted island. In between the host then asks them about their lives and why they have made these choices.

Brand was asked by Kirsty Young, who has hosted the show since 2006, which item he would take with him to this abandoned haven. Brand had his own questions though, responding, “You can’t take a person, can you? I can’t take Noel Gallagher as a luxury item, as a minstrel?

Young then morbidly responded, “You could take him stuffed.” Brand enthusiastically noted, “That’s the perfect thing. I’d like a taxidermied Noel Gallagher, perhaps somehow misrepresented – like wearing one of Liam’s jackets.”

Brand later added, “I’ve got my stuffed Noel Gallagher to worship and dress up, if I want to. I can do what I like to him. It’ll be a mockery of that man on that island.”

For his musical choices, Brand decided to bring Amy Winehouse’s, “You Know I’m No Good,” Daniel Johnston’s, “Like A Monkey In A Zoo,” Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’, “Red Right Hand,” The Libertines’, “Tell The King,” Ravi Shankar With Family & Friends’, “I Am Missing You,” Da le Sac vs. Scoobius Pip’s, “Thou Shalt Always Kill,” Nirinjan Kaur’s, “Triple Mantra,” and Morrisey’s, “Now My Heart Is Full.”

What would you do with a taxidermied Noel Gallagher on a desert island?

[Image via Flickr/Wikimedia]