‘Marvel Heroes’ Getting Human Torch In Next Patch, New ‘Asgard’ Zone This Fall

Gazillion Entertainment today announced that its free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes will be getting its next update, patch 1.11 this July, which brings with it the Human Torch as a playable character along with new end-game additions and a new way to buy heroes.

In patch 1.11, Gazillion will be introducing the “Eternity Splinter” item, which is intended to take the place of the current Hero Token drops. Rather than having to cross your fingers and hope that your next Hero Token is a character you want, the new system allows you to save up Eternity Splinters and buy your character of choice.

Seeing as how Hero Tokens were also used to upgrade a character’s “Ultimate” ability – which was some small consolation for getting a Hero Token drop for a character you already owned – the developer is also introducing a new item to allow players to upgrade their character’s Ultimate.

The patch will also see a few new end-game modes added to Marvel Heroes, including a new PvP mode. That’s not all that’s coming, of course – the developer promises that big things are in the works, and even gave some insight into what players can expect.

One update players can expect this fall is an entirely new zone set in Asgard that adds in new story content. The developer also promised even more areas beyond that, including both PvE and PVP areas.

Along with the announcement, the developer said that Marvel Heroes has surpassed 1.5 million registered players since the game launched early last month.

“We are honored by this incredible one and a half million registered user milestone and thank everyone who has played Marvel Heroes,” said Gazillion Entertainment CEO David Brevik. “As the Marvel Heroes community continues to grow and expand, we’re working hard to make the game play experience even better and add new content to the game. This is just the beginning for Marvel Heroes. We’re very excited about the future.”

To see Human Torch in action, check out the latest Marvel Heroes trailer below.

[Source: Press release]