Ballsy Fan Asks Robert Kirkman Why Walking Dead Bosses Keep Getting Canned

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was at Comic-Con last week to talk about the upcoming Season 4, but one plucky fan had the sand to ask something that has been on everyone’s mind lately: Why do Walking Dead showrunners get the axe every couple seasons?

The popular AMC program started off with Frank Darabont, who was fired by AMC part way through Season 2. The very obvious shift in tone from mid-Season 2 to the end of Season 3 is the signature of formerly-new showrunner Glen Mazzara, who was just “excused” from The Walking Dead last year.

Scott Gimple has the reins for Season 4 onward, but many are wondering whether they should bother getting attached.

One such fan posed the question right to Kirkman at Comic-Con’s Walking Dead panel last Thursday. Kirkman was rumored to have played a central role in Mazzara’s removal, though all parties concerned have been very gentlemanly in discussing his exit.

But one fan just wanted to know, “Is AMC trying to sabotage your show by firing the executive producers every season?”

“Yes, it’s in their vested interest,” Kirkman shot back.

But seriously, implored the fan. “Will Scott Gimple stick around?”

“I’m sure Scott will do just fine,” Kirkman assured, though adding, “But if he doesn’t, they’ll get rid of him.”

Robert Kirkman can joke and give vague non-serious answers (as he is wont to do) all he likes! But something tells us that Gimple will stick around. He’s been on the show since Season 2 as a producer and writer, and probably strikes a nice-enough balance between “creative” and “obedient” for AMC bosses. But we’ll see.

Check out the Walking Dead Season 4 trailer below: