Kate Middleton In Labor, What To Expect After Royal Baby Is Born

Kate Middleton is officially in labor and the royal baby will be here soon. But while the official announcement has been made, several questions remain.

The Duchess of Cambridge will give birth at St. Mary’s Hospital in London in the Lindo Wing. According to reports from Kensington Palace, Kate will have a natural birth, as long as no other complications arise.

Kensington Palace has released few details about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. However, the royal baby’s birth will likely continue the same traditions held for hundreds of years.

When the baby is born, Kate’s doctors will sign an official form that will be sealed in an envelope with the Buckingham Palace letterhead. That document will be carried from the Lindo Wing to the Palace, where it will be posted on an easel in public view — the same easel used to announce the births of Princes William and Harry.

The bulletin announcing the royal baby’s birth will include his or her birth time, weight, length, and sex. But it is not yet known when the future king or queen’s name will be announced.

While Prince William’s name announcement took a week, Charles’ name wasn’t released for a month. however, Prince Harry’s name was released the morning after his birth.

If Kate Middleton’s birth goes as planned, she and the royal baby will likely spend a day in the hospital before mom and baby are released. When that happens, the new family will likely pose for a photo on the steps of St. Mary’s hospital before heading home to Kensington Palace.

While waiting for Kate Middleton to go into labor, the media has spent the past few weeks setting up in front of the Lindo Wing where they hope to catch the first glimpse of the royal baby. Several news stations are reporting live streams of the royal baby’s birth. The child will be third in line to the throne, whether it is a boy or girl.

Are you excited for Kate Middleton to give birth?