Royal Baby Watch: Is Kate Overdue Or Were We Duped?

The British subjects are still on royal baby watch and wondering if Kate is overdue or whether they were duped. There are different possibilities as to what is taking place with the heir to the British throne.

The due date is incorrect.

It would not be the first time, nor the last. Without going into too many personal details, the due date is determined at the first doctor visit, when pregnancy is confirmed. But it’s not a sure thing, only an approximate time when the child is to be expected.

Basically, to calculate a due date the doctor will take the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), and add 280 days (the equivalent of 40 weeks). So if the patient tells the doctor the wrong date (which is possible), then the calculation is incorrect.

The due date has come and gone.

There were several due dates floating around when it came to the royal baby, one was July 11, the other July 13. The Palace has not offered an exact due date, but the Telegraph newspaper reported on Friday that “well placed sources” said the due date was actually July 19, so that would make Kate just a few days over-due. No big deal.

We were duped.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the incorrect information was leaked on purpose, to give the Duchess of Cambridge some privacy and peace of mind.

Between the stress of giving birth and worrying about paparazzi, she must be full of anxiety, which is not good for a mother-to-be.

In general, reporters seem to be more respectful of William and Harry, considering that their mother, Princess Diana, was killed while trying to elude their colleagues.

We imagine the royal baby and Kate are being closely monitored, since this is no regular birth, but the future of the monarchy.

Whatever the case, the world waits and watches for the arrival of the new heir. Whether a boy or a girl, this child will one day rule England.

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