Royal Baby Hoax: Kate Middleton Lookalike Fools Media At London Hospital

Were Kate Middleton and Prince William spotted at a London hospital today? No, no they were not. But a lookalike couple did cause a royal baby media frenzy.

USA Today reports that hundreds of reporters have been waiting outside of St. Mary’s Hospital for the last few weeks to snap pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is expected to give birth at the hospital and the Duchess’ due date has already come and gone.

So when two people bearing a striking resemblance to the royal couple arrived at the hospital the royal media went crazy with reports about the royal baby.

A reporter for The Times wrote on Twitter: “Breaking News, Extra police arrive at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, amid speculation Kate and William on their way.”

But don’t get too excited. The royal baby hasn’t actually arrived. The two people standing outside of the hospital were not Kate Middleton and Prince William. The royal lookalikes were sent to the hospital by the tabloid The Sun to prank all of the anxious reporters.

The Sun wrote on Twitter: “Royal-watchers in maternity meldown as they were fooled by Sun lookalikes at hospital where Kate is due to have baby.”

Some of the reporters found the joke funny while others were a little ticked off at The Sun for playing games at a hospital.

CNN reporter Atika Shubert wrote: “Great publicity stunt by The Sun. Media all jumped at it. Some comic relief during #RoyalBabyWatch.”

Middleton was expected to give birth last week but the royal baby just isn’t ready to make his debut. Many people speculate that Middleton is past her due date but the Royal Family never gave the public an official day. All they’ve said so far is that the royal baby will arrive in July 2013.

[Image Via Twitter]