Comic-Con 2013: ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Cast Surprise Appearance

In a surprise move, the Fox panel at San Diego Comic-Con had the complete X-Men: Days of Future Past cast present in Hall H on Saturday.

AP reporter Ryan Pearson spotted the cast prior to the beginning of the presentation, which he tweeted to his followers,

“X-Men new school cast.” The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the cast.

Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Halle Berry, Peter Dinklage and director Bryan Singer were all spotted before the panel started by Associated Press reporter Ryan Pearson

The entire cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past was received with thunderous applause by the crowd gathered in Hall H who gave them a standing ovation. Quite impressive group of luminaries in the same room.

The group was in good humor and Hugh Jackman surprised everyone saying that he had walked through the floor in Hall H dressed as The Wolverine without being recognized, although one fan said he was “too tall”. Only at Comic-Con.

Michael Fassbender took note and gave him a retweet,

Jackman was asked about a possible team-up with Iron Man, the Aussie joked that he didn’t “want to be the one responsible for taking down Iron Man.”

Ian Mckellen also was seen joking around and saying that it was good to be in California after Proposition 8 was done away with.

“I’m looking for a husband,” McKellen said to Fassbender. “Nice to meet you, Michael.”

The cast appearance was rumored to take place during the Fox panel, but not confirmed. Vulture was the first to speculate that it would take place.

What do you think of the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past surprise appearance at Comic-Con 2013?

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