Rae Dawn Chong Calls Oprah The N-Word During Rant [Audio]

Rae Dawn Chong isn’t a big fan of Oprah. The actress, who co-starred with Winfrey in the movie The Color Purple, recently went on an insulting, slur-filled rant about the billionaire talk show host.

Chong called Winfrey a “self-centered b*tch” and said that Oprah would have been a “field n***er” if she was born in a different time.

[You can read some of Rae Dawn Chong’s most outrageous insults here.]

The actress was on Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour this week when she decided to open up about her feud with Winfrey. Rae Dawn Chong said that their relationship was great on the set of The Color Purple but things apparently changed shortly after that.

The Color Purple was Oprah’s first acting gig. She earned an Oscar nomination for the role as well as fame, movie offers, and eventually her own talk show. Rae Dawn Chong, on the other hand, didn’t see the same success. Chong has had a very successful career (she’s been consistently acting since the 1970s) but her fame never came close to Oprah Winfrey’s level.Rae Dawn Chong’s rant may have not been caused by jealousy but the actress never really gives a reason for why she dislikes Oprah. The actress said that their feud started on the set after she starred in the movie Commando. According to Chong, Oprah “wasn’t having” her after that.

Chong then goes on to say that Oprah is self-centered, drug addicted, and looks like a field n***er. The actress did give Winfrey one compliment. Rae Dawn Chong said that Oprah was a “great brown noser.” (You can see a full list of Chong’s insults here.)

Here’s the audio from Rae Dawn Chong’s appearance on the Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour.