Mayim Bialik’s Emmy Surprise

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik was surprised to be nominated for an Emmy Award for her work on the show, a statement made after the announcement reveals.

You may remember Mayim Bialik best from her 90s turn on the hit show Blossom, but Bialik has a new generation of fans after owning her lady nerd role on the popular CBS sitcom.

Bialik has already been up for a Big Bang Theory Emmy, nominated last year for her work on the show. After this week’s announcements, she said:

I am legitimately in shock and beyond honored to be nominated for the second year in a row alongside the inspirational Jim Parsons and our fantastically written show. I can’t begin to express how shocked I am to be nominated with such an impressive group of women.”

Mayim adds:

Wow! Now I have to find a dress.”

Among the “impressive” women also nominated across various categories for the TV honors are Betty White, Edie Falco, Amy Poehler, Vera Farmiga, Kerry Washington, Jane Krakowski, and Sigourney Weaver.

While Mayim Bialik played it straight, some other nominees released more sarcastic or silly reaction statements. Poehler said:

“I appreciate the nominations. I love my job. But nice try, guys. I’m not falling for this old trick again.”

Recently married talk show host Jimmy Kimmel quipped:

“It just goes to show you – good things happen to bad people.”

Don Cheadle poked fun at the Oscar/Emmy rivalry:

“Given all the hilarious film work I’ve done, from Traffic to Crash to Flight, it’s nice to finally be recognized as the comic genius I am. Thank you, Academy members.”

And Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who has been acclaimed for her turn in Veep, said:

“It’s taken me decades, but I have finally avenged Lucille Ball. I am euphoric.”

While Mayim Bialik is clearly proud of her acting accomplishments, the scientist mom says she doesn’t really expose her two boys as much to that side of her personality.

She recently told People:

I don’t show them television… I feel when they’re closer to the age I was when I was in Beaches, for example, I would love to show them what my life was like then, but there’s so many other things about me that I think are more interesting, important and sometimes annoying to them. I think that’s enough of an identity.”

Do you think Mayim Bialik deserves to win an Emmy for her Big Bang Theory work?