Comic-Con 2013: ‘Sherlock’ Panel Discusses New Season

Comic-Con had its Sherlock panel on Thursday and as expected the discussion centered on the new season.

Executive producers Steve Morffat, Mark Gatiss (who has just been cast in Game of Thrones), and Sue Vertue took the stage in front of a room packed with eager fans.

The last season ended with Sherlock faking his own death and leaving John to mourn his best friend. For fans of the show, the 18-month wait has seemed interminable.

Collider reports that the panel at Comic-Con started with a recorded introduction by stars Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, both of whom were in New Zealand completing production on The Hobbit.

Cumberbatch was particularly funny, as you can see in the video, when he said that between Star Trek Into Darkness and Sherlock he was tired of keeping secrets and then there was a loss of signal and the video ended. Cute.

But the Comic-Con Sherlock discussion about the new season. What fans are dying to know is how Sherlock survived the fall from the skyscraper.

Even though there were no direct answers to that question, Mark Gatiss offered,

“There are only so many ways that one can survive a fall off the roof. There is no black magic.”

But the rest of the group declined to answer whether any of the theories that have been put out there by fans are accurate. However, it was made clear that the way in which the fall happened was planned in advance.

Moffat admitted to thinking that all the fun would start when “everyone gets so cross” about how Season 2 ended, but all agreed that what followers of Sherlock are more looking forward to is the reunion between him and John, which promises to be emotional.

Producers insisted that they will not kill off either of the two main characters, to keep in tradition with the novels and said that a Season 4 is almost a sure thing, considering Cumberbatch pretty much said he was in if it were to happen.

As far as a possible romance for Sherlock, Moffat said that it’s not happening. He explained that for Sherlock sex is all in the mind and and “what he had with Irene Addler is a very unique relationship based on the intellectual stimulation of trying to get each other killed.”

The Sherlock panel at Comic-Con presented an exclusive clip of Season 3 to the audience.