Jerry Seinfeld Embarrassed By Citi Field All-Star Crowd

Jerry Seinfeld has revealed that he was “embarrassed” by the Citi Field crowd who booed the American League team at the All-Star game on Tuesday.

The life-long New York Mets fan and comedian was perplexed by their decision to rain boos down upon these baseball players, as they were introduced to the crowd.

Seinfeld was speaking to his friend, Steve Somers, on the WFAN Wednesday, stating, “This is one of the lowest moments of my lifetime of Mets fandom, when the Citi Field crowd was booing (players) what they see as rivals to their Mets team.”

Discussing his feelings at the moment he heard the boos, he added, “And I’m standing there, I was in shock. I was embarrassed. I thought it was horrible manners.”

He continued, “These are the best players, in the game you love, that have come here to put on a show for you, and we’re booing them like 5-year-olds. As if there’s some sort of real animosity.”

Seinfeld then concluded, “The American League is not the Taliban. What are we booing Miguel Cabrera (for)?… So I was very embarrassed by that.”

However, Seinfeld was impressed by the way that the fans treated New York Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera, admitting, “I felt redeemed by the reception that we gave Mariano Rivera and that brilliantly staged farewell.”

This saw the entire Citi Field crowd rise to their feet and applaud the pitcher as Rivera’s entrance song, Metallica’s, “Enter Sandman,” ringed out, whilst Rivera was given the unprecedented honor of being able to throw out his warmup tosses alone on the field.

The rest of the team only came onto the field once Rivera began to tip his hat and began to throw pitches on top of the mound.

Do you think Jerry Seinfeld is right to be embarrassed by New York Mets’ fans?

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