The absolute best tech headline ever, and no, neither I nor MG wrote it

Writing headlines for blog posts are meant to achieve two things – grab your attention and give you enough information to make you want to read the post. Some might think the two are actually the same but that isn’t necessarily true as many blog post headlines can grab your attention but actually have little to do with the post subject. Of the two the second is often the hardest to write.

However today I happen to run across what has to be the absolutely best headline I have read to date – and that’s a lot.

The post was concerning the nonsense about Facebook working, or not working, on a Facebook branded smartphone and was written by Brier Dudley over at The Seattle Times. Keeping in mind the subject matter here is the headline he used for his post:

A Facebook phone! OMG!!! Oh, wait, it’s Kin 2.0

Awesome Brier, just awesome.