Daunte Culpepper Loses Florida Home In Forclosure

Daunte Culpepper lost his Florida home this week due to foreclosure.

The former NFL quarterback chose to surrender his 10,000 square foot home to SunTrust Bank in lieu of foreclosure.

Pro Football Talk reports that Culpepper purchased the $3.6 million home back in 2006. Court papers show that Culpepper still owed more than $3 million on the property.

Culpepper turned over the home back in April and SunTrust dropped the lawsuit against him earlier this month.

The former NFL quarterback owns another home in the nearby suburb of Weston.

The Florida Business Journal, which first reported the news about Daunte Culpepper’s Florida home, notes that the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback made plenty of money during his career in the NFL.

Culpepper signed a $102 million, 10-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings (he also got a $16 million signing bonus) in 2003. That deal was reworked in 2006 when Culpepper was obtained by the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins gave Culpepper a $7 million signing bonus and agreed to pay him $51.5 million through 2013.

Culpepper didn’t make it to the 2013 season, however, as he struggled with injuries. The last time he play football was with the United Football League’s Sacramento Mountain Lions in 2010.

Are you surprised that Daunte Culpepper had to forfeit his Florida home due to foreclosure?

[Image Via Duante Culpepper]