‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ Patch Removes iOS Jailbreaking Restrictions

When Deus Ex: The Fall released on iOS devices last week, gamers using jailbroken devices received a nasty surprise: the game’s Digital Rights Management prevented the use of guns in any situation if the game detected you were using a jailbroken device.

Considering that Square Enix didn’t announce this beforehand, and that this was happening to legitimate customers, gamers were naturally, and justifiably, outraged. Fortunately for everyone involved, Square Enix deployed a patch today that removes those restrictions entirely.

In a statement released shortly after all of the backlash began, Square Enix said that while the company intended to impose this restriction on jailbroken devices, because it didn’t let consumers know in advance that it would remove the restriction entirely, opening up Deus Ex: The Fall to all.

“”We have not been clear in our communication earlier this week when we launched Deus Ex: The Fall. We did not state clearly that the game would not support jailbroken devices and so we will be switching this off via an update, so that all the supported iOS devices will be able to play the game in the near future,” Square Enix previously said in a statement.


“We feel it’s the right thing to do in this situation and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. No customer should be out of pocket when we were not clear from the start, so we’ll get the game updated as soon as possible so that everyone who wants to play Deus Ex: The Fall can do regardless of whether their device is jailbroken or not.”

Not only does today’s patch put that issue to rest, it also includes a number of tweaks including improved AI behavior across the board, higher XP and credit rewards for completing objectives, tweaks to specific weapons such as the Combat Rifle and the Shotgun, and a reduction in some weapon costs.

The developer says that Deus Ex: The Fall runs on the iPad 3 and above, the iPad Mini, and the iPhone 4S and above. Support for Android devices is said to be in the works.