Goth Barbie Is Huge Success Among Popular Toys

Goth Barbie has become a hot seller over the past few years and it’s popularity has continued to grow. Monster High is Mattel’s signature toy collection next to Barbie itself, which is still the highest selling doll in the world.

Mattel is the world’s largest toy manufacturer and they’ve been releasing some of the most popular dolls of all-time. Barbie became an instant classic that has since turned into an outright icon among young girls.

Monster High is the company’s newest success, but it’s only getting started. At Mattel’s recent Toy Fair, the Monster High series’ fans were overwhelming. As they’ve continued to grow, the brand has strengthened and its also given the Barbie collection a boost in the process.

The Monster High series has expanded with plenty of new faces in the collection, which includes a mixture of zombie-looking Barbie’s. The original idea must have been critical to say the least as the “Goth Barbie” wasn’t even considered for store shelves at the time.

The dolls are designed for girls as young as six-years-old and the dark fashion has become a trend in the recent past. Cathy Cline is in charge of marketing for Mattel’s brands for girls and she recently noted that Monster High is growing faster and faster.

“The message about the brand is really to celebrate your own freaky flaws, especially as bullying has become such a hot topic,” Cline said, according to NPR. “And it’s also one of the fastest growing brands within the entire toy industry.”

Mattel’s vice president of design, Kiyomi Haverly, has also commented on the popular collection and she’s very surprised by its rapidly growing success.

“Honestly, it was very surprising to us,” she said about Monster High. “We just noticed girls were into darker goth fashion.”

It’s safe to say Mattel has made a fashion statement through their line of Gothic toys.

Have you ever heard of Mattel’s popular line of Goth Barbie dolls?

[Image via MilanBen]