Justin Bieber Unwraps 'Heartbreaker' Single Surprise [Video]

Justin Bieber's surprise preview of "Heartbreaker," his upcoming new single, was as sudden as he said it would be.

The musical reveal unfolded during the commercial for his latest and third fragrance, The Key.

After teasing the title and artwork in June, Bieber posted frequent "soon" messages to his social media accounts. A day before The Key ad dropped the 19-year-old took to his Twitter account to write:

"soon... very soon. #heartbreaker."

The commercial opens with the teen star pulling up in front of a smart hotel in an equally smart car, before collecting a key.

In fact, key imagery abounds. A wedding cake also makes an appearance as does a beautiful girl sleeping in a stripey bed-set clasping --- a key.

Then, a striding Bieber turns back to look at the camera and it's over.

The mini-drama is back-dropped by "Heartbreaker's" stripped down guitar, slow walking bass, and the pop star's plaintive repetition of the song title.

First impressions?

Justin Bieber In The Key Eau De Parfum Commercial

"Heartbreaker," the little that was heard, hints at inoffensive, R&B/Pop and will probably be packed with also inoffensive, unrequited love lyrics.

Apart from the fact that the new single will be Bieber's first solo offering since 2012's Believe album and Believe Acoustic at the beginning of this year, much of the hype around the single comes from manager Scooter Braun's promise that the single and new album will allow the Canadian to "speak for himself."

Braun told MTV News the release will roll out "in a very, very different way," adding that he and the singer hoped it would "end the witch hunt."

Bieber's new album, his fourth, is expected to source the 240 plus song ideas he has been working on during his Believe tour and address recent incidents and press headlines from his perspective.

After The Key commercial launched the heartthrob tweeted a message, saying:

What do you think of the "Heartbreaker" single taster, are you curious to hear more?

Justin Bieber Teases 'Heartbreaker' Single In Surprise Reveal