USA Today Coaches Poll heading into Week Three

While it is still very early, and many will say College Poll mean nothing in September. However, I think we are starting to see some trends. First and foremost it looks like Alabama and Ohio State are separating themselves from the pack. Also given the Virginia Tech loss, and their bouncing out of this poll, it seems that Boise State’s hopes of a National Title have been dimmed. I still think they have a good chance if they can beat Oregon State. Before we go any further here is the poll:

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Boise State
  4. Texas
  5. TCU
  6. Oregon
  7. Florida
  8. Nebraska
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Iowa
  11. Wisconsin
  12. LSU
  13. Arkansas
  14. Utah
  15. Auburn
  16. South Carolina
  17. Miami
  18. Arizona
  19. Stanford
  20. Penn State
  21. West Virginia
  22. Michigan
  23. Houston
  24. Cal
  25. Missouri

So the Coaches say good bye to Florida State, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and BYU. They welcome in Stanford, Michigan, Houston, Cal, and Missouri.

For Michigan fans we have been here before, last year this team was 4-0 before Big Ten play began. This year it looks like they can get to 5 or 6 wins before the meat of the Big Ten schedule begins. Michigan Coach Rich Rodriquez needs 7-10 wins to keep his job and it looks like QB Denard Robinson will get him to that level. We also have to count Robinson as the early Heisman Trophy leader.

I am a little surprised to see Miami at 17 with a 1-1 record. At the moment they are the highest ranked team with a loss. The only other top 25 team with a loss this week is Penn State who lost to Alabama last week.

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