Mariah Carey Performs In Glittery Shoulder Sling

Mariah Carey sang through the pain this weekend when she took the stage in a glittery arm sling for a Central Park concert.

Carey, who dislocated her shoulder earlier this month while shooting a music video, sang at Central Park’s Great Lawn on Saturday night with the New York Philharmonic.

Carey had one arm in a sling during the concert but don’t worry, the injury wasn’t too distracting. The singer’s shoulder sling matched her sparkly dress.

Carey said: “I’m not in the best of health here… (The sling) was us getting creative. Is it working? Do you guys like it?”

The concert this weekend was part of Major League Baseball’s fundraising effort for Hurricane Sandy. Carey had been scheduled to perform for months but her performance was put in doubt earlier this month when she dislocated her shoulder.

Carey, who is known for being a diva, decided to go on with the performance despite the fact that she was in a little bit of pain.

Carey wrote on Instagram: “It was truly an honor to perform with world renowned NY Philharmonic. In spite of the pain, I wouldn’t have ever missed this moment. Thanks for helping me get through it and sharing it with me. Love, MC.”

Are you surprised that Mariah “Diva” Carey braved the pain to perform the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert?

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[Image Via Instagram]