‘Ultra Street Fighter IV’ Announced, Trailer Released [Video]

Ultra Street Fighter IV has been announced, and the trailer released!

What for some is the best fighting game released in a long time is getting not only a physical copy and a DLC update for existing versions, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, but also five new characters and six new stages to brawl in. There has still been no official release date announced for the newest update, but that isn’t stopping a lot of us from making plans to buy it as soon as it’s released.

Very few video games these days are popular enough to get away with making gamers want it this badly before it’s even been reviewed. This should tell you just how good Street Fighter IV is and how important it is to the fighting game genre in the first place.

Four of the five new characters added to Ultra Street Fighter IV are Rolento, Poison, Elena, and Hugo. The fifth, however, remains a mystery that will likely be revealed either when Capcom announces a release date in early 2014, or when the game hits and gamers discover him or her along the way.

We old-school Street Fighter IV purists are hoping that the update DLC doesn’t unlock all of the characters for newcomers who will need practice using the various members of the roster. Unlocking them gives you a definite reward for getting to know how the various fighters work, not only giving you an advantage over newcomers just starting with Super Street Fighter IV, but also adding replay value for the goal-oriented types that want to play as Seth.

Some of us even hope that the update fixes the gameplay balance by powering down such characters as Abel and making it possible for newcomers to beat the game with El Fuerte. Hopefully Akuma will be made faster or stronger than he was at first as well, as he was a bit of a pushover in Street Fighter IV.

The trailer for Ultra Street Fighter IV shows off some old and new fighters battling it out in old and new stages, with flash intros for the known new fighters.

Are you excited for the upcoming release of Ultra Street Fighter IV? What do you think of the trailer?